Your child will clamor to an imagination-induced deep sleep so he/she can wake up in this fancy race car! Our beds are top quality, sport a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, and are sure to please even the most finicky sleeper.

White Glove may take a little longer but the benefits are worth the wait!

We at Kid Car Beds are committed to bringing you these beautiful race car beds with WHITE GLOVE delivery in the continental US! This means that you will not have to scramble to call friends and family for help, get a sitter for the kids, or struggle to assemble your new bed yourself. You won’t be stuck with boxes and shipping materials to clean up, either  – if you enjoy popping bubble wrap, pop them quickly!! Your new race car bed will arrive ALREADY ASSEMBLED, complete with mattress and all bells and whistles,  and will be placed exactly where you want it ready to use immediately!

Because we handle these beds carefully with specialized our tried and true White Glove delivery services, sometimes it can take a few weeks for your bed to arrive to you. Just call or email us so that we can check White Glove schedules for your area. (336-887-9296 / contact@kidcarbeds.com)

We are excited to offer these authentic race car beds to the Contiguous USA market. Check them out here or call us for more information, and order yours today!

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