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If your child gets excited over the mere mention of words such as horsepower and combustion, you may find them racing to bed with our fabulous, meticulously designed and manufactured Kid Car Beds’ race car bed!

Q. What makes our children’s car beds different from all the rest?

A. Not only are our race car beds of the highest quality available, they are delivered to you FULLY ASSEMBLED! We assemble all or our majestic beds here in our warehouse (up to $250 value) saving you time and money!

These magnificent beds are constructed of tough impact-resistant ABS similar to the FRP used in real car bodies. With the latest in technology, comfort, and safety, these cars are the sleekest in luxury child beds. Headlights, under body light strips, wheel lights, and even authentic race car sounds are controlled remotely with handheld controls.

If your child yearns for a sporty ride, our magnificent [already assembled] race car beds are the latest in our range of child car bed concepts. Our fantastic SPEEDY BOY, ENZO,  MVN1, RoadStar, and Turbo V8 models all feature remote controlled car sounds, working headlights, serious blinking lighted rims, under chassis lights, and stylish hot-rod flame design paintwork. Our super sleek MVN2 models are equipped with remote controlled headlights and car sounds, and don some pretty cool alloy-like (MAG) wheels. Order a race car bed today and watch your little rebel’s eyes light up and see them speed off to sleep!

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