Manufacturer’s Warranty

We do the work so that you don’t have to!

Our Race Car beds are carefully assembled and packaged. Each fully assembled bed has been inspected and deemed free of defects before it is packed for shipping. Sometimes things slip through the cracks, however, and we have a plan for that, too!

Limited 2 year warranty

  • Our Manufacturer offers a 2 Year Limited Warranty from the date of delivery; Besteknik Warranty’s that the full product, including any and all of its parts is free of defects.
  • Besteknik Manufacturer Warranty covers material defects, defects in craftsmanship, and defects due to assembly faults.
  • For factory defects in the warranty period, please contact SIA Modern Design via telephone (336-887-9296) or email us at We will ship to you a replacement for the defective part (hinge, handle, screws, rail, damper, etc.).
  • Ordinary wear or scratching of race car bed surface is not covered under the manufacturer’s  Warranty
  • Damages arising from misuse, moving the bed within the home after delivery, or which occur during transport (scratching the furniture surface, crushing, breaking, cracking, tearing, or unbalanced use of power) are not covered under the Warranty.
  • Defects that may occur due to extraordinary cases such as fire, earthquake, torrent and flood are not covered under the Warranty.
  • Damages such as cracking, breaks, scratches, etc.,  that appear on surfaces or main body of ABS plastic products during usage or transporting the product are out of our control and are covered under our Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • We reserve the right to make minor changes and modifications in design for quality improvements; decorative stickers may be different from those shown.

Important Care Instructions for your new Race Car Bed

  • Gently wipe wooden parts using a cotton-based semi-damp cloth. DO NOT USE cleaning agents. DO NOT apply pressure to wooden areas. Dry with a soft dry cloth.
  • Wipe all surfaces which have adhesive material with a soft dry cloth.
  • Metal plated materials should be cleaned using a soft cotton-based damp cloth using nonabrasive soap or other non-abrasive cleaning agents so as not to scratch the finish. DO NOT USE SOLVENTS on any parts of this product! Gently wipe away any cleaning agent left on the surface with a soft, clean, damp cloth. Dry the surface with a clean, soft, dry cloth if desired.
  • DO NOT use agents that contain acids and/or abrasive powders (liquid bleach, ammonia agents, hydrochloric acid etc.) to clean the ABS surfaces.  DO NOT USE hard cleaning tools (wire, sponge, etc.) In case of contact with acidic agents such as liquid bleach, clean immediately with clear water. Use of improper cleaning agents will void the warranty.

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